4 Essential Questions To Ask While Buying Mobile Homes

4 Essential Questions To Ask While Buying Mobile Homes

4 essential questions to ask while buying mobile homes

Mobile homes are also known as trailer homes or residential caravans. Smaller in size compared to conventional houses, mobile homes are for those who have tight financial constraints or want to move about a lot. If you are going on a holiday or a road trip, a mobile home can be a comfortable option to take care of traveling and accommodation problems. Whether you are looking for mobile homes on a permanent or temporary basis, here are a few things you ought to know before you buy a mobile home.

What are the different types of mobile homes?

  • There are mainly three types of mobile homes. These are single-wides, double-wides, and triple-wides. Each of these is constructed on an offsite manufacturing unit. The parts are transported and assembled on the property of the homeowner.
  • Single wide mobile homes are the most common mobile homes to be bought by consumers. The size of these homes is between 600sq ft to 1,330sq ft. Due to their small size, single-wides are the most affordable and easily movable mobile homes.
  • Double wide mobile homes are two-part structures. The two parts are assembled on the site. The size of double-wides has a length of approximately 90ft and a width of 20ft.
  • Triple wide mobile homes have at least three parts and can have a maximum of five parts. Some triple-wides have more than five parts as well. Due to their large size, these mobile homes look similar to traditional homes.

How to find free cheap mobile homes?

  • One of the best ways to find free cheap mobile homes is through mobile home movers. Due to their job, many mobile home movers are often aware of deals involving free and cheap mobile homes in the area. They can connect prospective buyers to sellers of mobile homes.
  • Another way to find free and cheap mobile homes is through websites like Craigslist or eBay. Many mobile homeowners put up ads for previously owned mobile homes. A lot of people buy used mobile homes from these sites. Mobile homes that need extensive repair works may also be available for free or at cheap costs.
  • Mobile home park managers can also give information regarding deals involving free or cheap mobile homes. Whenever someone in the park has to move out of their mobile home either due to financial issues or inability to pay the rent of the park, the manager will know about it. Such homes are usually sold off at cheap prices.
  • Whenever someone wants to buy a new mobile home, they trade their old mobile home with a mobile home dealer. In such cases, the dealer has to move the old home to a plot before selling it off at a discount. Prospective buyers can directly ask the dealer to sell the old home at a greater discount before the dealer moves it. This will also save the dealer the cost of transporting the old mobile home.

Are there any loans available to buy mobile homes?

  • Yes, there are loans available for the purchase of mobile homes. However, the rules for applying for these loans and the eligibility criteria are quite different than the loans available for the purchase of traditional homes.
  • Private lenders usually do not give out loans for a mobile home. This is especially true for single-wide mobile homes. In such cases, credit unions or mobile home sales companies may help in financing the purchase of single-wide mobile homes.
  • On the other hand, double-wide mobile homes do qualify for conventional loans. However, many lenders have a rule that if a person wants to buy a used mobile home, the home should be more than 15 years old in order to qualify for a loan.

Can you get insurance for mobile homes?

  • Yes, you can get insurance for your mobile home. Many lenders often require owners of mobile homes to show proof of insurance before disbursing loans to finance the homes.
  • Insurance for mobile homes is almost similar to that for traditional homes. This insurance offers protection against loss from theft, damage from fire, vandalism, natural disaster and so on.
  • Some insurance providers also give liability coverage. If the mobile homeowner or anyone staying in the mobile home causes damage to another person’s property or if a guest sustains any injury or damage in the mobile home, the insurance pays for the damages.

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