4 Things To Know Before Investing In A Washer Dryer

4 Things To Know Before Investing In A Washer Dryer

4 things to know before investing in a washer dryer

A washer dryer is the perfect alternative for a stand-alone washing machine or dryer as it combines both the actions and saves you a lot of effort. The time required for a load of laundry might be slightly longer but once you start a cycle in the washer dryer, you don’t have to worry about anything; the clothes will be washed and dried while you’re engaged in other activities. However, there are a few things you need to know before investing in a washer dryer. Read along to find out more.

What are some important features of washer dryers?

  • Long shelf life, better efficiency: The best rated washer dryers have a long shelf life, which means you will end up saving a lot of water and money over time. They are more efficient and save about $1400 and 110,000 gallons of water over a decade.
  • No waterproof items: It is a big mistake to put waterproof clothing in a washer dryer as the water can get trapped in the waterproof items, causing a malfunction in the operating system of the machine.
  • They are deeper and wider: Even the best washer dryers take a long time to complete a load of laundry. To fix this, the manufacturers have made washer dryers deeper and wider to accommodate more clothes in one cycle. This increases the efficiency and performance of the machine.

When is the best time to buy a washer dryer?

  • After a new release: As with most products, the prices of old washer dryers fall after the release of a new model. This is the best time to buy washer dryers that are a model or two older the latest one. They might not have the latest features, but they’re still a good deal.
  • Memorial Day: Most retailers plan their appliance sales around Memorial Day, which makes it the perfect time for you to go shopping. Moreover, this day is in May which is also the month where Maytag has hefty discounts on their products where you can buy the best washer and dryer bundles.
  • Fourth of July: This is the best time to buy appliances as most electronic stores, home improvement stores, and department stores have sales that start in July and go on till the end of the holiday season. Some appliance prices during Fourth of July sales have beaten the prices during Black Friday sales.

What are the pros of a washer dryer?

  • Performance: The washing performance of the best washer dryers are very close to the performance of stand-alone washing machines. Natural laundry pods, as well as liquid detergents, work well with washer dryers, giving you an uncompromised performance.
  • Space: An obvious benefit, the washer dryer combination will help you save a good amount of space. A separate washing machine and dryer can take up too much space in the laundry room. A washer dryer will also save you the effort of transferring the clothes to a basket and then to the dryer.
  • Options: Owning a washer dryer does not mean that you will have to use both the features for a load. You can also use both the features separately. For instance, if some clothes need to be hand-washed, you can still use the dryer feature independently.

What are the cons of a washer dryer?

  • Capacity: Even if the washing capabilities of a washer dryer are similar to washing machines, the dryer section takes a hit. Even the best washer dryers provide only half the capacity of stand-alone dryers. A big load would mostly have to be dried in two cycles.
  • Time-consuming: Washing the clothes in a stand-alone washing machine and then drying them separately might take lesser time than combining the activities in a washer dryer. The time required for a single load can be anywhere between three to six hours.
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