A Brief Guide To Directv Packages And Their Prices

A Brief Guide To Directv Packages And Their Prices

A brief guide to DIRECTV packages and their prices

Choosing a good TV and Internet provider is a must in today’s digital era. Today there are so many brands to choose from when you are deciding on which cable service provider to subscribe to. And the options don’t end there. Every brand has dozens of different packages to choose from. A thorough research is a must if you want to buy a package that you can enjoy for a long time. It is important that you look for basic things such as the customer reviews about the brand, their services, and their affordability. DIRECTV is one of the most popular providers in the market, who are known for their high-quality Internet TV streaming services. More than 19 million Americans prefer DIRECTV for entertainment.

This article will help you know more about DIRECTV and the prices of DIRECTV packages.

Why you should choose DIRECTV packages?

  • DIRECTV not only lets you watch you movies and series, it takes your whole home entertainment experience to the next level.
  • You can “Get quality and quantity with DIRECTV.” They indeed provide you a gazillion channels, all of which have amazing video quality.
  • One of the plus point if you choose DIRECTV is that you do won’t need a cable box or a satellite dish to set it up.

What does DIRECTV offer?

  • You can set up DIRECTV anywhere right from your PC, TV, laptop, smartphones, and the iPad.
  • With DIRECTV, you can now say no to waiting and have channels loaded completely within seconds.
  • The best thing about opting for DIRECTV is that you have the luxury of on-demand programs, where you can demand what you want to see and that too in HD.
  • DIRECTV customers enjoy special privileges like NFL Sunday Ticket, where every Sunday you get to watch a live game, which no other brands show.

What are the different DIRECTV packages and prices for DIRECTV packages available?

  • DIRECTV offers a plethora of options to its customers in terms of the channels they want to see and the number of channels they want to subscribe to.
  • The more advanced the package, the more channels it offers. Also, the top packages offer features which regular packages do not include.
  • Select Package is the most basic package, which provides you with Internet plus 150 plus digital channels.
  • The PREMIER Package costs approx. $155 per month exclusive of taxes. This package gives you an amazing deal of 325 plus digital channels.
  • Other packages include the ENTERTAINMENT package with more than 155 channels, CHOICE package with over 185, XTRA and ULTIMATE package with over 230 and 245 channels respectively.

What is the two-year guarantee for the prices of DIRECTV packages?

  • DIRECTV makes sure that it has something to offer to TV lovers with different budgets.
  • They have great limited offers and discounts from time to time on the price of DIRECTV packages.
  • DIRECTV offers an interesting deal wherein it gives you two years services for a fixed low guaranteed price.
  • To qualify for the two-year guarantee in the price of DIRECTV packages, you need to bundle up more than one packages, which means that you will have to opt for a combined package of TV, Internet, and maybe phone packages.

Selecting a home entertainment provider is a big decision. Make sure that you explore all your options, before signing up for a package. It is best to choose and pay for only those channels, which you wish to watch. DIRECTV makes it possible for you to pick a package that suits you well that you might want to believe that it is customized just for you.