Queries And Their Solutions For Choosing The Best Email Security Solutions

Queries And Their Solutions For Choosing The Best Email Security Solutions

Queries and their solutions for choosing the best email security solutions

The ever-expanding Internet has spawned some of the most notorious cyber threats waiting for that perfect moment to jeopardize your personal information and misuse it for malicious activities. Email security solutions is a broad term encompassing multiple techniques for securing emails from cyber threats. Here are some queries and their solutions that will help you know more about securing your email accounts.

What type of attacks can be averted using email security solutions?

We require both technological and user educational solutions when dealing with email security solutions. Here are some attacks that can be averted by securing email accounts:

  • Phishing attacks: These types of attacks target and fool users by asking them to enter information and sensitive credentials on fraudulent sites. They use email spoofing which makes the users believe that they have received emails from a reliable source.
  • Denial of Service: Notoriously known as the DoS attack, this type of attack is independent of human error and is designed to overload a company’s email server. This can cause major downtime in the server making it more vulnerable to other threats.
  • Viruses: These types of threats come in a variety of forms that can affect the computer system by infecting the master boot records, deleting user’s information, etc.

What are the important features of an email security solution?

Based on the threats and other security concerns, email security solutions offer a plethora of features to ensure email security. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Virus and spam protection: With new forms of malware and other threats unleashed daily, an email security solution should be updated with the most infamous internet security threats that can compromise the information present in your emails.
  • Encryption: The best email security solutions have policy-based encryption. These policies have a set of rules that analyze the authenticity of all emails.
  • Email archiving: A searchable secure email communications repository is the key to a successful email security solution. A good email security solution offers email archiving enforced by SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, or SOX.

What are on-premises email security tools?

On-premise tools are the first category of email security tools. These are software programs that are installed on the servers or appliances situated within the range of your network perimeter. Following are the three main factors to consider whilst choosing on-premise security tools:

  • Understand the risks that your business could deal with when dealing with customers through emails, as there are a wide variety of cyber threats lurking online.
  • Consider the Internet’s bandwidth when installing on-premise email security tools. As the best on-premise email security solutions offer backup facilities, make sure you have a good Internet bandwidth to help you restore your emails.
  • Be mindful of the budget. It is important here to understand that the best email security solutions offering a wide range of features might have higher deployment costs. Make sure your business has enough capital to facilitate such email security tools and solutions.

What are cloud-based email security tools?

These are third party email security solutions. They are security tools that don’t require separate servers to deploy security measures. Cloud-based security solutions are great for shielding one’s network from malware-laced emails and phishing attacks. Following factors will help you pick the best cloud-based email security solutions for you:

  • When deploying cloud-based tools, make sure you are aware of the entities monitoring your emails. This is because you are trusting the email security solution with your personal data.
  • It is also recommended to check if the service providers are offering outbound protection in the event of a system hack.
  • Be aware of the types of protection being offered by these email security solutions. Content filtering and DoS should be on the top of your list.
  • Read the service level agreement (SLA) of the email security solution provider carefully to ensure that the email security solutions meet your expectations.
  • Certain tools also offer hybrid tools where they provide both, on-premise and cloud-based solution to secure your emails. Seek consultation from an IT professional to know more about these services.