Reasons For The Popularity Of Fiesta

Reasons For The Popularity Of Fiesta

Reasons for the popularity of Fiesta
Eating your supper in a fine dining set is an experience in itself. What if you have dinnerware that has a legacy of over 75 years and a brand name that is very confident about its strength? Well! Fiesta® dinnerware has been around for a long time now and brings something new to the table every single time, be it with colors or with the features.

Being an American citizen, you have probably been associated with the brand somehow. It indeed has a nostalgic presence in the country and manages to come across as new and innovative every single time. If you wonder what makes the Fiesta® dinnerware products stand out, it starts from the way the dishes are made and the craft that goes inside and around to make each dish special.

Why is Fiesta® dinnerware so popular?

  • It has design, style, colors, and achieved years of customer delight.
  • It has every piece of utensil that should be there on the dinner table. There are dinner plates, bowls, cups, mugs, salt and pepper cellars, and gravy boats. You name it, and the brand has it.
  • The design has not changed in the last 75 years.
  • It has always encouraged customers to play around with a myriad of styles and colors by mixing and matching them.
  • A new color is introduced every season, and the old color is discontinued. Undoubtedly, the brand lays out new trends, dishes out variety, and hands over a collection to its customers.
  • It has produced quality dinnerware over so many years and has maintained affordability consistently.

How is Fiesta® dinnerware made?

  • The clay is sliced to the correct thickness and Fiesta® vouches for its thickness.
  • After being molded into one of the many shapes that are available in the market and after getting its edges smoothened and dried, a Fiesta® back stamp is added to the utensil.
  • The utensil is glazed and fired to obtain the incandescent glossy colors that have forever been a treat to behold.
  • Details such as decals, lines, and edges are added, and the utensils undergo scrutiny one last time to ensure quality. After this, everything is packed and sealed.

Can Fiesta® dinnerware be used in a microwave oven?

  • Yes! The brand’s might lies in its product strength!
  • The dinnerware is microwave-safe, helping you heat up your leftovers any time you want.
  • The utensils can sustain heat of up to 500 degrees.
  • For normal dinnerware, the acceptable temperature is 350 degrees, but the bakeware can easily stand 500 degrees.
  • However, the brand does not recommend putting the dinnerware on a direct flame.

What unique products does Fiesta® dinnerware offer?
Your dinner table has to have the look complete. After all, a gala dinner is not just about sumptuous food. Splendid dinnerware can go a long way in making a dining experience unforgettable. Therefore, here’s what your table needs and what the brand offers in its products:

  • An amazing collection of bowls that come in all sizes and shapes to cater to your cooking prowess.
  • Baking a cake will now be a piece of cake with Fiesta® bakeware.
  • How about a cup of coffee after a lavish dinner in the finest Fiesta® plates and platters? The mugs, cups, and saucers by Fiesta® are simple in design yet so classy and sturdy when you hold them.
  • If it is that tiny yet splendid piece of pastry or creamy dip that is bothering you, do not resort to ordinary little bowls when you can use the dip server or a crescent plate to enhance your meal experience.

What is the after-sale policy for Fiesta® dinnerware?

  • Even though the company claims the dinnerware to be chip-resistant, the company has placed a 5-year chip replacement warranty on all its utensils.
  • The utensil will be replaced only if it was chipped under normal usage.
  • In case it is found that the utensil was abused or abnormally used, the warranty will, unfortunately, not be provided.