The Best Cell Phone Unlimited Plans

The Best Cell Phone Unlimited Plans

The best cell phone unlimited plans
With such a large number of service providers vying for customer attention and sustained existence in this competitive market, which is essentially an overcrowded space, here’s a quick comparison of the most popular no contract unlimited cell phone plans offered by the major carriers to woo consumers.

What plans are offered to users by AT&T?

  • Monthly $160 plan: Four lines can be availed at a charge of $160.
  • Monthly $65 plan: This is offered to single line users.

What is the AT&T unlimited enhanced plan?

  • This is a new plan, under which 4G LTE speed data is offered at affordable prices applicable to consumers who sign up for paperless bills and the autopay facility.
  • A single line is offered at $40 per month.
  • Four lines can be availed at $190 per month.
  • An additional 5-10 lines can be added to this plan at $30 per line per month.
  • The price may include additional charges like taxes and fees.
  • It is subject to usage, speed limits, and other conditions.

What plans does Verizon offer?
The following plans are considered to be the cheapest unlimited plans currently offered to Verizon consumers:

  • The four lines plan is available on a monthly bill of $160.
  • The single user plan is offered at a charge of $75 per month.

What are the best T-Mobile no contract cell phone plans available in comparison to the others?

  • Four lines on T-Mobile’s network are available in a monthly all-inclusive $160 plan.
  • Single line users can opt for the monthly $70 plan.

Which is better, Sprint Mobile or T-Mobile?

  • The Department of Justice has been examining the possibility of an increase in the wireless prices for the country’s consumers if the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint would come through in the near future.
  • This merger is expected to become the first and fastest mobile network provider in the country to run on 5G speed by 2019. Currently, the KickStart plan by Sprint is the best, but its speed tends to reduce greatly during times of severe network congestion.
  • Hence, it is suggested to stick to this only if you need an affordable data plan and are not a heavy data user, as it might be a bit of a drawback to heavy data users. At the same time, heavy data consumers currently using T-mobile may find it to be reliable and a good choice in a long run, considering the merger.

Which is the popular unlimited plan from Sprint?

  • While all market players are struggling to stay in the race with competitive pricing, in comparison, the Sprint network is enjoying a high value rise of its share prices due to its no contract cell phone plans. This shoot up in its value is attributed to the announcement of their “unlimited kickstart” plan.
  • This plan is the most popular promotional plan from Sprint currently and the best unlimited cell phone plan available in the market.
  • Launched on 8th June, this is a monthly $15 plan currently believed to be for a limited period only.
  • However, this requires a user of another carrier to port to Sprint and sign up for AutoPay to be eligible for this deal.
  • This plan is still the best when compared to Sprint’s own regular unlimited plan for $60 monthly. Sprint also has an unlimited freedom plan at 100$ for four lines. Not just that, this plan by Sprint is far more affordable as compared to the cheapest $160 plans of its rivals, AT&T and Verizon.

What can you expect through the Sprint unlimited kickstart plan?

  • It offers unlimited talk time, text, and data.
  • It offers upto 500 Kbps music and up to 2 Mbps gaming streaming.
  • 480p video is available with limited quality.
  • There’s no availability of a hotspot.

What is the procedure to avail the unlimited kickstart plan of Sprint?

  • You need to switch your carrier to Sprint from another service provider.
  • It can be availed online and is not available at any stores.
  • You need to sign up for AutoPay.

What are some key points to note about the unlimited kickstart plan?

  • It requires payment of monthly charges like additional fees, taxes, surcharges, roaming fees, and other expenses.
  • Since the company has launched it as a limited period offer, there is no certainty about the plan. For how long this plan will be offered to new customers and whether it will be extended for the existing consumers is unclear.
  • The overall performance of the plan depends on the quality of Sprint network in your area.
  • Sprint’s data policy for all plans remains the same since 2015.