All You Need To Know About CRM Software

All You Need To Know About CRM Software

All you need to know about CRM software
A customer-relationship management (CRM) is indeed necessary to keep your official tasks sorted in such a manner that you are able to keep a track of your communication with your customers and clients, have a better and a more efficient team management, and in the process, you are able to multifold your revenue. It is a good idea to keep a track of the best CRM software programs in the market that suit your business requirements well and which have a repute of being safe.

What features should a CRM software for small business have?

  • A CRM software for a small business should have a minimalistic and easy-to-understand interface. For instance, Zoho is an apt first choice of an entrepreneur who has just started out.
  • Look for a free starter pack as it will provide support for up to 10 users and you will be able to easily manage their sales cycles. Moreover, this will also not be a very pricey option.
  • Make sure you may have access to free modules on human resources (HR)-based functions, invoicing, and others.
  • Ensure that your CRM seamlessly integrates with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and several other social media platforms.

Which is a recommended CRM software that would help a company that utilizes social media to base their maximum sales strategies?

  • Nimble, a very popular CRM application lets you manage and import contacts from all your social media accounts and emails.
  • With no extra tabs to confuse you, Nimble even has an analytics tool.
  • The software tracks your conversations and then comes out with responses that are tailor-made for your end-users.

Can CRM software render all the features under one roof?

  • It is tough to find a software that may be a champion on all fronts.
  • Yet, software or applications like HubSpot are almost complete, if not fully complete.
  • Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, you may easily handle the sales of your team.
  • You have access to features like automatically logging calls, customizing various databases, and managing all contacts.

How can I manage tasks and events using a CRM?

  • It is very important that a line is drawn between tasks and events. A task is an assignment that has a timeframe attached to it. An event is an item that has an exact time attached to it.
  • You may create reminders of the most crucial tasks and events by marking them on a calendar that is integrated with your CRM software.
  • For any task, you may easily keep a track of what communication you had with a customer and what was it that was communicated to the team.
  • You may classify tasks and events based on your priority and the most important tasks and events may have a more prominent space on your home page.

What steps should I take to secure my CRM?

You may have the best CRM in the world, but if hackers find their way into it, there is no use. Why? Because there is a lot of confidential customer and official data. A hacker or a miscreant would not just probe into the data, but also put your customer’s privacy in soup. You can take the following steps to secure your CRM:

  • You need to first make sure that the CRM software that you are using is trustworthy and has garnered good credibility. This may be ascertained using websites like CNET and PC Mag.
  • Some very basic checks like getting a good firewall installed, using a decent infrastructure, and investing in antivirus software will further add a very strong shield to your CRM.
  • Your team needs to be well-trained in all security protocols. They should know what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.
  • Ensure validation levels so that your hierarchy knows to what extent they may have access to data. It goes for the same with your password. Keep a strong password and ensure that your team does the same.